Personal Image Consultation

In every situation of your life you represent an image. No matter if you go to the supermarket, attend private events or go on a business travel. Your image is the combination of your personal style, your manners and your very own personality.

Are you facing changed personal circumstances? Or do you simply want to look your very best and send out the right message? – image consultation helps you to bring out your personality in the best way, emphasize your strong points, improve your self-confidence and achieve image goals.

Based on your personality, lifestyle, and goals, and after a detailed type analysis (silhouette, body type, proportions, skin-, hair- and eye-color, etc.) we will determine what works best for you within your comfort level and I will explain the why behind the how.

The image consultation incorporates a personal color and style evaluation and, among others, deals with the following questions:

  • Which silhouettes, shapes and fabrics work best for your body type?
  • How to dress your proportions and properly accent features?
  • Which colors complement your hair and skin tone?
  • Which signals do you send out when you dress in a certain way?
  • Who designs best for you and where to look?
  • How to keep your style fresh and confident?

After the consultation you will receive your personal style and image guide, containing detailed information regarding your very own color, style and image issues.