Personal Shopping

Do you need a new outfit for a special occasion? Or do you want to establish a cohesive foundation wardrobe for your private or business life?

You don’t have much time and are not keen to fight your way through the boutiques with their bewildering choice of trends? Save your time, money and nerves and schedule a personal shopping appointment in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our approach will be highly focused, ensuring we keep in mind your professional and social habits, coloring and body shape for the best possible results. I work independently and objectively while focusing on your satisfaction and your best personal style.

If you want to save even more time, I can go pre-shopping for you and prepare a selection of mixing and matching items according to your needs. By the time you arrive everything will be waiting for you in the dressing room.

Take advantage of scheduling a personal image consultation prior to your personal shopping appointment. It is the best preparation to determine your personal style and find out what looks best on you. If you wish to skip the personal image consultation, we can discuss your needs and budget in a short initial consultation.