Wardrobe and Closet Evaluation

Does this sound familiar? “ You stare into your closet and have nothing to wear?”
Make room for stellar personal style with a closet cleanse! Our Wardrobe and Closet Evaluation will establish a well-arranged personal wardrobe that only contains what works for you.

After an initial evaluation of your wardrobe we will weed out the misfits, outdated and worn out items and exclude everything that is no longer today’s new you. Clearing space for the classics, accents, and hidden gems that will re-grow your wardrobe into your very own fashion Mecca.

Learn new unique combinations that would have once become lost in the clutter. We will neatly organize your remaining clothes according to season, color and occasion and will create various new looks that can be photographed for future use and added to a personal “Wardrobe Book” if you wish.

You will realize that costly new acquisitions can be avoided by arranging new looks from your existing pieces with the help of accessories and new color combinations.

Should you decide to add new pieces to your revamped wardrobe, we can easily determine what is missing and needs to be added for a fresh seasonal look.